Latest Client Testimonials

"A couple weeks ago, a close lightning strike knocked out our electricity. After a long night, Dominion Power eventually showed up to troubleshoot the issue and required access to the electrical room on the side of our building. It was before the management office was officially open, but by chance I saw Erick Little driving through the community. I waved him down and he rushed to the club house to retrieve the key and let Dominion in. Five minutes later, our power was back on. If you've ever been without electricity, you know how frustrating is can be. Eric's sense of urgency made all the difference in this situation, and we thank him. He also assisted us in getting an outdoor electrical outlet covered with a weatherproof top. The switch had tripped several times due to water getting in and was safety hazard. Erick has been an excellent addition to an already top notch crew managing the Potomac Club Community. " 

"Jamie Orr has always been responsive, courteous, and informative with every interaction that we have had with her. Even in the occasions we don't receive the outcome we were hoping for, Jamie provides enough information so we can understand the process and reasons behind the decisions. We always appreciate her no matter what the situation. "

"I have lived at the Potomac Club for almost two years now.What has really made the community a much brighter place for me and my family is the Onsite Assistant Manager Jamie Orr. Jamie goes above and beyond to address issues and concerns. She has assisted me face to face, over the phone,and in person. Her demeanor has been consistently genuine, compassionate, and professional. I have witnessed other residents interactions with Jamie and watched her diffuse tense situations. Mines have been challenging to handle as well! I greatly admire Jamie's ability to filter through the noise and assist us on a daily basis. Jamie connects well with others and goes out of her way to help and does this exceptionally well by just listening. I wish there was a whole team of Jamie's! This is what we really need right now in the world. All in all, to say that Legum Norman has a committed, dedicated, and passionate leader. I hope to see Jamie grow here and receive the recognition she very much so deserves. Please do share my great appreciation for Jamie. She really does care for our community and makes it a more beautiful place to live. We hope to see Jamie here for many years to come. Thank you"

"I want to commend Roksana Weaver for the amazing and effective support she has given me as I analyze and review properties. She not only provided a highly responsive feedback on my questions, but offered to do virtual tours and provide relevant info on all of my request for more detailed information. Roksana is also incredibly knowledgeable about the DR market and any time I made an offer, she effectively assessed it and made the offer according to my needs and desires. Despite working for a big entity, she has made my experience personal. I feel confident about making any size investment due to her business interaction with me. She is a great assess to your organization and a rare find in the real estate market. Thank you for having her represent you. "

"I reached out to Roksana, the general manager of the property where we live, and she was super responsive. My concern required her to contact the county school system to sort out an issue with the bus stop in our neighborhood. She apparently did that right away and was able to get back to me with a resolution that should resolve the issue. Great customer service, Roksana-I appreciate your responsiveness!"

"We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to Roksana H. Weaver, the general manager of Legum & Norman/Potomac Club Owners Association her wonderful other staff for their astonishing customer service, professionalism and fabulous fast response. Roksana & her team have given us a feeling of home, they always helped us patiently and promptly. Good Job, and keep it up!"

"I am a resident of Potomac Club. I would like to take this time and personally thank the crew that run our community on a daily basis. Jamie Orr, Roksana Weaver, Janet Smith, and Pete Jadelka make living in the amazing community a joy. There is no task to small or to large for these wonderful folks. I would like to say that not many people know how much work actually goes into running our small town of Potomac Club. Thank you so very much, please know that you are all vital and key members of our community."

"Roksana Weaver from the management office of Potomac Club was extremely helpful to us on Friday 5/24/19. She assisted my wife and I twice on two separate occassions and went above and beyond to ensure all requests we made were met. Friday was a rough day for us as we were busy with medical appointments for our 1 year old daughter throughout D.C. and Maryland. We barely made it to the office in time. Given it was a Friday and they were literally closing, I was more than grateful Roksana still helped us. I would also note that she allowed her employee to leave so she didn't have to stay longer and took matters into her own hands (a supervisor quality that's rare nowadays) taking care of her staff and us. It's difficult these days to find businesses or people in general who are willing to help out the way she assisted us. Because of her help and accommodations, my daughter and son's birthday party at the Potomac Club was a success. I'm not one to write reviews, however, she was truly a blessing to me and my family."

"Ms. Roksana Weaver has "always" made our transition moving in nice, pleasant, very welcoming and of course professional. It's nice when you have folks like her to make things happen for you without any complications and knows what she is doing. Thank you!!!!"

"Roksana and the office staff always listen to my concerns, respond in a timely manner, and provide me with a status or a plan of action. Roksana has been great to deal with and is extremely customer oriented. I'm very happy with the customer service that she and her team provide."

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